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In this page you will find the publications produced by GRSP (alone or in collaboration with Partners). These can be (among other things) academic publications, guidelines, manuals, papers, focusing on the different aspects of GRSP work in road safety.

A Guide to the Use of Penalties to Improve Road Safety (2021)

This guide provides direction on how a suite of penalties can be used to deter road users from behaviours that either cause or worsen road trauma. It will serve as reference for governments wanting to improve their penalty systems to maximise their impact on improving road safety.

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Technical Guide to Assist the Implementation of Child Restraint Systems (CRS) in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (2021)

This Technical Guide is intended to assist the introduction of child restraint systems (CRS) into a country once the political commitment has been made to create the necessary regulations.

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Guide for Determining Readiness for Speed Cameras and Other Automated Enforcement (2020)

Speed cameras enforcing speed limits are a common application of automated enforcement (AE) and there are many systemic legal and operational elements that must be in place before AE can be effective.

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First Response to Road Crashes

This guide describes the techniques and actions necessary for preparedness and immediate response to assist road crash casualties. It is intended to enhance first response knowledge and skills amongst the general population, drivers, passengers and pedestrians, so that they are able to provide immediate assistance to people injured on roads.

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Road policing in Asia: Considerations for strengthening policy and practice to improve road safety (2019)

This paper describes the GRSP’s road policing capacity building activities in Asia, highlighting some of the key challenges experienced across the region and outlining potential solutions to improve traffic law enforcement.


Towards the 12 voluntary global targets for road safety (2020)

Guidance for countries on activities and measures to achieve the voluntary global road safety performance targets.