Global crash data
This interactive map allows you to view and compare crash data from 179 countries surveyed in the WHO Global Status Report on Road Safety 2018.

IFRC engagement
This mapping project allows you to view and compare National Societies and their level of engagement in road safety.



Fact sheets
Our fact sheets contain key background information on major risk factors related to road safety.

Good practice manuals
Our good practice manuals, developed within the UN Road Safety Collaboration, provide in-depth knowledge on seven key road safety risk factors.

First responder guide
This guide describes the techniques and actions necessary for preparedness and immediate response to assist road crash casualties.

Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge Toolkit
This is a practical guide to assist Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge grantees with multi-sectorial road safety projects implementation.

GRSP Annual Reports
Here you can find GRSP Annual Reports to explore what we have been working on in past years.



Advocacy Resource Centre
The Advocacy Resource Centre provides a large variety of material to build targeted and innovative road safety advocacy campaigns.

Advocacy Tools
For a quick start, our Advocacy Toolkits give you comprehensive guidelines to build and monitor a successful advocacy campaign.



Corporate Resource Centre
The Corporate Resource Centre provides tools, fact sheets, images and case studies detailing the role of the private sector in road safety, both within the organization and beyond the company gates. Please note that this is a ‘members only’ section.