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The Programme

The Road Safety Capacity Building Programme is a series of online modules including immersive and targeted workshops and assignments focusing on pillars of the Safe System Approach, translating key theoretical approaches into impactful interventions.

The RSCBP equips Governmental and Non-Governmental actors with strategies that can be applied in their own countries to collect quality data, identify key local issues and use evidence-based approaches to design and implement safety initiatives that will save lives and prevent injuries.
In particular, the programme is designed to assist road safety practitioners to identify and investigate what the current road safety situation is within their country or jurisdiction, how to play a critical role within this process, and how to access or build evidence-based interventions that can address identified road safety issues.

The programme also includes a specific set of modules tailored to the Regional Road Safety Observatories (RRSO). The content is purposefully designed to engage stakeholders of the RRSOs to encourage utilization of data to inform best practice approaches.

The Road Safety Capacity Building Programme has been successfully conducted through the Asia Pacific Road Safety Observatory in 2020-2021

Key Objectives

Build capacity and technical knowledge of:

  • Evidence-based road safety interventions for each of the four pillars of activity.
  • Using data to inform the development of impactful road safety initiatives.
  • The development of ‘system-based’ road safety projects, including the key role of management and resource mobilisation.

The RSCBP Approach

The RSCBP engages participants in a series of linked sessions allowing them to develop deep technical knowledge, establish strong communities of practice with fellow participants, and translate technical knowledge into the development of Safe System-based projects.

The Programme focuses on:

  • Providing the opportunity for in-depth continued information sharing on key topics across multiple online interactions with a range of leading international experts.
  • The utilisation of Road Safety Observatory data to inform evidence-based interventions across the key pillars.
  • Establishing strong communities of practice with international experts and local implementers.
  • Practical exercises that build skills in developing evidence-based road safety interventions and reviewing and improving existing plans, strategies and initiatives.
  • Guidance on practical approaches to the realisation of the UN Global Road Safety Performance Targets.

Learning Modules and Materials

The RSCBP includes modules and materials relating to:

  • Road safety leadership and management.
  • Safer road users.
  • Safer roads and mobility.
  • Safer vehicles.

These modules can be delivered separately or in any combination and all are designed to emphasise the required linkage between the key pillars and the use of data in informing interventions.

Each module includes:

  • 2x 90-minute Information-sharing webinars delivered by a range of international and regional experts.
  • 2x 120-minute Practical training sessions, which provide an opportunity for participants to practice and test approaches.
  • 1x Immersive homework assignments, which allow for new approaches to be undertaken and are reviewed with detailed feedback provided.

For more information about the programme, please see here and contact us at:

The Road Safety Capacity Building Programme (RSCBP) is jointly developed by the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) and the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP).

Modules Delivered

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