Romania Red Cross links road safety to First Aid training

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Typically, there is a gap of time between the moment a road-crash happens and when paramedics arrive. Those few minutes can be critical, even life saving, but how many people know what should be done?

The Romania Red Cross, a partner of the Global Road Safety Partnership-Romania, is working to address this issue by offering First Aid training to local communities. The aim is to compliment the efforts of the paramedics and other local organizations that offer support after an accident and organize blood donations.

“The trainings are run by the Romania Red Cross, and available for anyone in the community,” explains Mirca Iosif, Global Road Safety Partnership Manager for Romania. “They are there for anyone who wants to know what to do in case of an accident. We want to cover the period before the paramedics arrive and teach people some of the basics so their situation in a road collision does not get worse.”

The trainings are currently at a testing stage in order to evaluate their effectiveness before further implementation.  If successful, the training are expected to expand not only nationally, but also shared amongst traffic police and driving schools throughout the country, says Iosif.