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Committed to promoting road policing excellence

The Global Road Policing Network (GRPN) is an initiative of the Global Road Safety Partnership’s Road Policing Capacity Building Team.


To maximise the impact of road policing on reducing global road trauma


The GRPN has been established for the purposes of:

  • Providing information on the most effective road policing initiatives.
  • Contributing to the international body of knowledge on effective road policing.
  • Linking individuals and organisations involved in road policing to share good practice, emerging trends and road safety initiatives.
  • Promoting the highest standards of ethical behaviour.
  • Applying robust health and safety standards to training, capacity building and operational practice designed to maximise safety for police officers, road users and members of the public.
  • Promoting road policing which adheres to the principles of being ‘procedurally fair and just’.
  • Promoting working cooperatively with road users to encourage compliance with road safety legislation.
  • Undertaking road policing that is free of discriminatory practice.

GRPN Details

What We Offer

By joining the Global Road Policing Network, we offer access to a range of resources (see links below), and road policing experience including being offered the opportunity to participate in road policing training webinars.


Registration is free.

Registering to be part of the GRPN is open to serving and former police officers and others involved in road policing related work (e.g. commercial vehicle enforcement and traffic enforcement officers).

To register for newsletters and updates please complete the information below:

Registration includes agreement that the information you provide may be shared with the Global Road Safety Partnership’s Road Policing Capacity Building Team.*

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