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Siaka K. Dibba is kicking off 2011 as the Global Road Safety Partnership’s “Road Safety Champion” of the month. Siaka recently won the “World’s Crossing Campaign” video competition (read ‘Crossing the World’s Roads’ for more information on the competition). The Global Road Safety Partnership caught up with Siaka to ask him about the recent events:

Q. How you feel about winning the World’s Crossing Campaign competition?

Siaka: It is such a wonderful feeling to win this award. I feel very proud and honoured to win the first World Crossing Campaign video competition organized by Youth For Road Safety (YOURS).  I am grateful to the jury for selecting me as well all those who worked with me, who share the credit for the award.

Q. What does the award mean to you?

Siaka: It means a whole lot to me, because this award marks the beginning of my commitment towards road safety. Prior to the competition I had less knowledge about road safety. However, the award has motivated me to focus on road safety, and it has further challenged me to re-double my efforts in the crusade against road crashes.

Q. What does winning this award mean for your country, The Gambia?

Siaka: Since road safety is a new issue, the publicity that came with the award compliments the efforts of the youth partnership for road safety. It uplifts our commitment, and helps create an avenue for further partnership with other relevant stakeholders. The award also helps The Gambia to implement planned activities like capacity building on road safety. It is long overdue that we effectively advocate safer roads in The Gambia.

To view the Siaka’s film click on the following:

World Crossing Campaign Winner from YOURS on Vimeo.