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If you missed the July edition of GRSP South Africa’s newsletter, you can catch up right here [link]. There is some great work being done in South Africa, including events, projects and partnerships.

Events and workshops

GRSP ZA is hosting monthly Childsafe and Safely Home Road Safety Workshops, in partnership with the Department of Transport and Public Works (Western Cape Government). The interactive workshops invite organizations and stakeholders to better understand road safety measures and risk factors, such as inadequate visibility, which increase the risk of a road crash for all types of road users.

Programme success

The “Safe to School-Safe to Home” programme is being piloted by GRSP ZA, in partnership with Shell South Africa, in selected schools in the Gauteng Province. The project was developed by GRSP through the Global Road Safety Initiative as a comprehensive, community-based road safety programme encouraging all sectors to work together towards the protection of children on our roads. The programme engages with enforcement, education and engineering sectors, as well as with children, parents and the broader school community.

Big thanks

Lastly, we’d like to take the opportunity to wish outgoing programme manager, Patrick Muchaka, all the very best and thank him for such a fantastic commitment and work toward influencing change in ZA.

To read more about successes and challenges in South Africa, take a look at the newsletter [link].