GRSP Receives 2012 ‘Cities for Mobility Award’

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At an evening ceremony during the 6thWorld Congress of Cities for Mobility, GRSP was recognised for its work with the ‘Cities for Mobility Award’. The prestigious award, presented by Mayor of Stuttgart, Dr Wolfgang Schuster, highlights GRSP’s ongoing contribution to the global promotion of road safety, particularly in developing countries.

The annual event, this year titled ‘Safe Streets as a Sustainable Cities Strategy’, was held over 4 days – July 1 through 4 – in Stuttgart, Germany, with over 300 participants from 36 countries present. Governmental decision makers, transport experts, researchers, urban planners as well as representatives from the private and civil sectors met to discuss road safety and how it can be implemented in a sustainable way.

Pieter Venter, Acting Chief Executive Officer said at the event, “It’s an honour to receive this award, it comes as further confirmation that our partnership-driven model is making a real difference – we’re helping to reduce injuries and we’re saving lives. We are seeing our city-based approach, first implemented in Brazil, working at a community level. It is building a strong sense of local ownership of both the problem and the solution. Moreover, it is transferable globally. We thank Cities for Mobility, and together with our partners, we look forward to continuing to expand our work”.

grsp-receives-2012-cities-for-mobility-awardDuring the highly successful 2012 conference, GRSP presented the workshop,‘Building Partnerships and Capacity to Improve Road Safety Mobility in Cities’, participated in the Contact Forum event and shared a display with fellow Premium Partner, Michelin.GRSP is a proud Premium Partner ofCities for Mobility, joining major road safety contributors Daimler, Deutsche Bahn AG, EnBW, Ernst & Young, Fichtner, Michelin, Porsche, Siemens and German public transport operator, SSB.

Seen here with the ‘Cities for Mobility Award’: Patrick Lepercq, Chairman, GRSP and Corporate Vice President Public Affairs, Michelin; Mayor of Stuttgart, Dr Wolfgang Schuster; and Pieter Venter, Acting Chief Executive Officer, GRSP.