GRSP Hungary forms strategic partnership wth Hungarian Tyre Association

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In another example of private sector engagement in road safety, a strategic partnership agreement has been signed between the Hungarian Tyre Association (HTA) and the GRSP Hungary. One objective of the cooperation between the two organizations is to engage in joint programmes with the aim of broadening the knowledge of drivers with a focus on road safety.

“At first we would like to better understand the tyre using habits of drivers. We’ll also provide basic facts on tyre performance.” said Péter Morenth, Executive Chairman of HTA (pictured, seated on left). “We anticipate that an early outcome of our joint operation will be to make more and more drivers understand that it is safer to fit their vehicles with tyres corresponding to the season, since the lives of all road users can be impacted by the effectiveness of those four small areas of contact with the road”.

grsp-hungary-forms-strategic-partnership-wth-hungarian-tyre-associationFerenc Pausz, Managing Director of the GRSP Hungary (pictured, seated on right) outlined the opportunities of the cooperation: “With the joint efforts we have just launched, we will be able to realize an even more efficient campaign, and more drivers will receive our important messages about road safety”.A questionnaire gathering information on the tyre using habits of car owners is published online (Hungarian only) and offers drivers completing it before October 15 the opportunity to enter a prize draw.

Further joint road safety campaigns will be launched in the near future. The topics to be worked on through the partnership include defensive driving, conscious driving behaviour, selection of appropriate tyres and the potential consequences of the use of inadequate tyres. The partnership shall also see a sharing of professional knowledge and participation in each other’s events.

The HTA is an association of member companies, Michelin, Continental, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Pirelli, Hangkook and Vredestein, with an objective to provide knowledge of the tyre industry to the public. Go to HTA website.