From training to implementation of speed enforcement in Brazil

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We reported last month on a series of three workshops held as part of the Bloomberg Philanthropies funded Global Road Safety Programme in Brazil for municipal traffic police, road police and agents of the Federal Highway Police. Wasting no time, this month saw the skills learned during the workshop taken to the streets for the first real world speed enforcement operation in Teresina.

The operation began with a briefing for a group of 20 traffic and military police to clarify the key points of the operation including timetable, staffing responsibilities, equipment allocation, the safe operation of a checkpoint and the issuing of infringement notices.

The operation itself then ran smoothly with the speed of more than 100 vehicles accurately and safely measured, and six infringement notices issued. Importantly, the event attracted wide media coverage which extends the reach of any such operation multi-fold through its raising of public awareness of not only the enforcement operation, but of the underlying reasoning behind such activities, the danger of speed on the roads.

Present for the training and the initial operation, GRSP Senior Advisor, Brazil, Luis Octavio Miranda stated: “After identifying speed as a major safety risk in Teresina, we started this work with the training traffic police, and now we are conducting the first speed enforcement operation. We are very pleased with the work that was conducted here in Teresina, and we will take this successful experience to show other cities that are part of the ‘Life in Transit project’.

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