‘Forum of Good Practice in Road Safety’, Romania

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GRSP Romania this month conducted the ‘Forum of Good Practice in Road Safety’ in Bucharest for an influential group of participants representing lead road safety bodies, civil society and the private sector.

forum-of-good-practice-in-road-safety-romaniaIn opening the forum, Mr Eric Faidy, GRSP Romania President, shed light on the scope of the road traffic crisis in Romania, stating: ‘Annually, there are nearly 2400 deaths caused by road crashes generating huge losses at both the social and economic level. Here in Romania, road accidents are now the most common cause of death after heart attacks’.

Mr Mircea Steriu from the European Transport Safety Council further illustrated the point by contrasting Romania’s road safety record against other European countries. Worryingly for Romania, it is among the very few European countries where the number of people severely injured in road crashes increased between 2001-2011, and the country is facing a steep increase in motorization.

Mr Cristian Andrieş, Chief Commissioner Romanian Police – Road Traffic Directorate engaged with participants to detail both the challenges and successes seen in enforcement. The forum then moved toward highlighting examples of good practice in road safety being undertaken by a variety of actors, including Michelin and Romanian Red Cross, and explored ways in which the private sector can engage with road safety.

The forum was the first of its kind conducted by GRSP Romania and armed participants with a deeper understanding of the road safety situation in the country, and importantly, fresh ideas, tools and enthusiasm to act to turn the trend.

GRSP Romania website: www.grsp.ro