Attitudes to drink driving changing for the better in Hyderabad

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Community attitudes to drink driving in Hyderabad (Andrah Pradesh, India) have been changing since the Bloomberg Philanthropies-funded RS10 programme began enhancing the enforcement capacity of traffic police.

Since November 2011, almost 6000 drivers in Hyderabad have been charged with drink driving – enough to cause concern in any court and for any government.

The driving public has begun to realise that driving over the legally allowable alcohol limit (0.05) is no longer acceptable and the traffic police under Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) CV Anand have been strict and consistent in their actions.

It now seems that the courts are also fed up with the large number of drink drivers appearing before them and are intent on sending a clear message that not only will you be caught, but you will be punished. There are no exceptions to the law and anyone caught over the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is dealt with in the same manner.

A number of initiatives have been put into place by the traffic police, including seizing the vehicle of the drunken driver, re-education programmes and now, a day in jail for those over the limit. Congratulations to CV Anand and his committed team of enforcement officers in Hyderabad.
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