Towards the 12 voluntary global targets for road safety

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In collaboration with the VIAS Institute, the GRSP is proud to release the “Towards the 12 voluntary global targets for road safety” manual which provides guidance for countries on activities and measures to achieve the voluntary global road safety performance targets

The voluntary global performance targets for road safety risk factors and service delivery mechanisms are a means to enable countries to monitor and report on progress on road safety efforts. This document provides guidance to countries on how to operationalize and utilize these targets. It spells out what type of activities that need to be undertaken, what data sources can be used and how performance can be measured and presented. It defines each target and points out what actions need to be taken and how each target can be measured. GRSP and the VIAS Institute hope that this document will be a vital resource for countries to use as they implement road safety measures.

You can consult the manual HERE.