Strong progress on Moshood Abiola Way Enhancement Programme, Nigeria

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May was an important month for work on the Abuja City, Moshood Abiola Way Enhancement Programme with safety and informational engineering interventions undertaken.

The project focusses on a 6km section of this major Abuja City arterial road which had seen growing numbers of road crash deaths and injuries over the period 2006 through 2010 when it was identified as the project site. The project site encompasses three schools, two shopping malls, 16 intersections and carries a heavy and mixed traffic load, with very limited enforcement of road traffic laws conducted by local authorities. Enhancing the safety of this roadway is a multi-phase, evidence-based, multi-sector partnership, typifying the GRSP working model.

strong-progress-on-moshood-abiola-way-enhancement-programme-nigeriaWorking from collected data, analysis and an audit of the roadway, May saw the completion and inspection of road markings including warning stop lines, bi-directional arrows, straight arrows and zebra crossing lines, as well as the installation of more than 80 road signs.

Of the work, GRSP Africa Project Coordinator Louise van den Berg said, “This is an important step in the process and a credit to all involved in the project. Concurrent awareness campaigns will further embed improved driver behaviour and ongoing monitoring and evaluation we trust will show that we are making a difference in the community”.

As figures are compiled, we will report further on the project’s progress.