Managing speed in an urban context in Turkey

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On 27 February, the Turkish Road Association (TRA), a grantee of the GRSP managed Road Safety Grants Progamme funded through the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, hosted a workshop for civil society and government partners to investigate opportunities and challenges in addressing speed in urban environments in Turkey.

Attendees from the General Directorate of Security, General Directorate of Highways, Ministry of Urbanization, Turkish Red Crescent Society and academia participated. The objective of the workshop was to identify where legislative change is needed, on both the national and municipal levels, in order to successfully manage speed within an urban context. This workshop was the second hosted by TRA and is part of an ongoing GRSP-funded project to develop a model for managing speed in Turkish cities. Following up from this workshop, TRA will continue to engage directly with the municipal government of Antalya as well as the government of Gazantiep to develop local solutions to speed management challenges.