GRSP welcomes two new members

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GRSP takes great pride in welcoming two new members who have joined the partnership, Stars Foundation and MAPFRE Foundation (Fundacion MAPFRE).

Founded in 2001 by Al-Dabbagh Group and based in London, Stars Foundation invests in organizations and ideas that transform the lives of disadvantaged children and their communities globally. Stars is committed to reaching 20 million people by 2020 through a range of programmes all underpinned by a set of core principles:

  • A focus on improving the wellbeing of children.
  • A belief in unlocking the power of local organizations.
  • A commitment to sharing examples of effective practice.
  • Accelerated progress through partnerships.

MAPFRE Foundation was established on 5 November 1975 and is an institution sponsored by the Spanish insurance group MAPFRE. The foundation’s aim is to contribute to achieving objectives of general interest to society, including:

  • Promoting the safety of people and their assets, focussing particularly on road safety, medicine and health.
  • Enhancing quality of life and of the environment.
  • Contributing to improving the economic, social and cultural conditions of the more disadvantaged people and sectors within society.

Both organizations bring a wealth of experience to the partnership and GRSP looks forward to working closely with each.