EuroMed Road Safety programme in MENA closes with a final seminar and workshop in Brussels

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Back in May 2012, the first EuroMed Road Safety Regional Workshop was conducted in Brussels, Belgium. During December 2014, the project partners again convened in the Belgian capital for the final workshop to conclude the 3 year EU funded programme managed by the Global Road Safety Partnership.

The delegates from the beneficiary countries met with the GRSP MENA team and a panel of GRSP experts over two intense days.

Day one was dedicated to the presentation of the status of the pilot projects in the beneficiary countries, after which delegates would discuss with GRSP experts their respective projects assessing their strengths and weaknesses, and the means to sustain the projects beyond the EuroMed Programme support.

The programme for the second day focussed on capacity building for the delegates in the key areas of their projects, and areas in which GRSP is a recognized global resource, such as road safety education, advocating for policies impacting road safety, road safety enforcement and road safety public awareness campaigns.

To close the workshop, as the final formal act before presentation of end line reports, the EU officials from the EuroMed Transport programme alongside Samar Abouraad, GRSP MENA Regional Manager and Programme Team Leader, presented the delegates with official EU certificates in recognition of their contribution over the term of the project.

Through our website and this newsletter we will share with you the project objectives and achievements for each beneficiary country.