Building capacity for ‘Safe to School – Safe to Home’ implementation

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Following the high profile launch of the ‘Safe to School – Safe to Home’ project in Ha Nam province in June, GRSP conducted the first workshop for stakeholders in July. The workshop combined technical sessions with practical excercises aimed at further developing the capacity of those who will be responsible for the local implementation of the project, with particular focus on:

  • the ‘Safe to School – Safe to Home’ methodology and action plan;
  • road safety principles for children;
  • road safety assessment and auditing.

Building on the momentum of this project, this workshop further demonstrates the outstanding political, organizational and community support behind the ‘Safe to School – Safe to Home’ model, with close to 50 participants attending the workshop representing the breadth of stakeholders, including:

  • project team members and staff from Ha Nam Provincial Traffic Safety Committee (PTSC);
  • road engineers from Ha Nam Department of Transport;
  • selected teachers from the target schools;
  • selected officers from the Ha Nam Department of Education and Training;
  • selected traffic police from Ha Nam Traffic Police Division;
  • journalists and reporters from leading local media oulets.

building-capacity-for-safe-to-school-safe-to-home-implementationThe workshop is the first in a series, and together with the development of student training materials and the undertaking of road safety assessments and baseline studies, the ‘Safe to School – Safe to Home’ implementation team will be fully prepared for the return of students following the current semester break.

Pictured: Mr Ian Hughes, GRSP Road Safety Expert, leads the workshop.