Brazil hosts world’s biggest rescue and salvation event in a simulated environment

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From October 19th to 23rd, the City of Curitiba in Southern Brazil is hosting the 2016 World Rescue Challenge. Promoted by the Brazilian Association of Rescue and Salvation (ABRES), the event will gather approximately a thousand professionals from national and international teams, together with field experts, students and the general public.

The annual World Rescue Challenge (WRC) brings together professionals that work with rescue, salvation and pre-hospital care interested in refining their techniques and participating in an exchange with teams from several Brazilian states as well as many international groups. An initiative of GRSP member, the World Rescue Organisation, the WRC is considered the biggest international rescue event performed in a simulated environment in the world.

The event will bring to the attention of these professionals actions that contribute to reduce the number of traffic crashes and their consequences, strengthen the topic’s discussion within the community, improve techniques and promote knowledge exchange.

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The World Rescue Organisation (WRO) is an international non-profit body that gathers the national rescue organizations seeking the valorization and the maintenance of emergency procedures and techniques to best deal with traffic collisions and trauma situations.