Announcing the new PTW Green manual

///Announcing the new PTW Green manual

The powered two- and three-wheeler (PTW) fleet is growing rapidly in most parts of the world. PTWs are becoming one of the main means of transporting both people and goods in many countries, and are attracting an increasingly varied user population. However, this mode of transport accounts for more than 286 000 deaths each year globally – about 23% of all road traffic deaths. This alarming number of potentially avoidable deaths highlights the need for increased attention around PTWs and their use in road safety policy.

In response to this threat, two weeks ago at the UN Road Safety Collaboration meeting in Bangkok, the WHO launched the latest Green manual – Powered 2 and 3-wheeler safety. The publication, ‘Powered two-and-three-wheeler safety’ is a practical guide, for decision-makers and practitioners, that will aid them in the process of implementing, enforcing and evaluating 2-and-3-wheeler safety programmes. An advisory committee of experts from the four collaborating agencies – FIA Foundation, the Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), the World Bank and WHO – provided guidance on the content of this manual.

The WHO designated the manual as a tool that will describe the main risks associated with this mode of transport as well as help assess local circumstances regarding the PTW and how to select, design, implement and evaluate effective interventions.

GRSP is pleased to announce that this manual can be found as the newest addition to our rich collection of road safety related resources. You can learn more about the document in more detail by following this link.