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Together we can save lives

Nearly 3,500 people die on the road every day. The Global Road Safety Partnership brings together governments, civil society and businesses to address this humanitarian crisis. Join Us!

Decade of Action

Road Safety in Action


An invitation from Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit

1 September 2014

The International Symposium on Road Safety in Low- and Middle-income Countries

October 16, 2014, Feinstone Hall, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore

Featuring a string of international experts, sessions include:

  • Risk factors for road traffic injuries
  • Post injury care / trauma care
  • Monitoring and evaluation for road safety

Click here for more details and to register.

Michelin launches its Best Driver programme in Brazil

29 August 2014

In 2011, Michelin and the FIA signed a partnership agreement which fostered the international Golden Rules campaign as part of the FIA Action for Road Safety. The campaign illustrated the special relationship between driver and vehicle - a combination of pleasure and responsible behaviour. It further outlined the key safety rules - the 10 Golden Rules - that everyone should know.

Building on the relationship with FIA, and with early consultation from GRSP, Michelin in August launched their Best Driver programme in Brazil aimed at educating university students on safer driving behaviour.

3rd Africa Regional Seminar issues a challenge

29 August 2014

Cape Town was the host city for the Global Road Safety Partnership’s 3rd Africa Road Safety Seminar on August 12-13, dedicated to ‘Improving road safety for children in African cities’.

The seminar featured a strong line-up of expert regional and international speakers, with an opening keynote address from South African Minister for Transport, Dipuo Peters (pictured). During her passionate address, Minister Peters called for stronger support from the Ministry of Justice in the enforcement of traffic laws and the prosecution of offenders.