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Regional events

Together with members and collaborating partners, GRSP has developed a programme of high profile, capacity building and knowledge sharing events in the Asia and Africa regions. Since 2007, 11 such events have been held in Asia and since 2012, six such events have been held in Africa.

They have become flagship events on the road safety calendar and reach out to a diverse body of road safety stakeholders representing:

  • key government ministries
  • national lead agencies
  • development banks
  • road policing agencies
  • private sector organizations
  • a broad range of road safety focussed civil society organizations.

The 17 events held in 10 countries have now seen more than 2600 road safety practitioners from over 50 countries participate to share knowledge and professional experiences, discuss successes and challenges, showcase good practice and build strong regional networks where previously few had existed.

These events also provide an important stage for GRSP members to promote their regional good practice and demonstrate leadership in road safety and the power of collaborative action.


GRSP is also an organizing partner to the ‘Roads Between Us’ conferences looking at work-related road risk.

Regional Event

Regional Road Safety Seminars

As a consequence of Covid-19 related travel restrictions, Regional Seminars have been postponed. Details of the next seminar will be updated here once confirmed.






Road Safety Practitioners

'Roads Between Us' conferences

In November 2012, Nestlé, Zurich and Interactive Driving Systems, with support from Activa, the Fleet Forum and Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP), partnered to organise a two day interactive stakeholder event on work-related road safety in Ghana.

The programme explored what an effective work-related road risk management process looks like and discussed next steps for implementation within emerging markets. The event also gave birth to an ongoing series of ‘Roads Between Us’ conference calls which serve to keep like-minded parties connected, share good practice and build networks across industries and across sectors.

The inaugural event was followed in 2014 by another successful conference in Cameroon, and in 2016, Nestlé, Zurich Insurance, EDriving FLEET, Aon, PARIMA, International SOS and the Global Road Safety Partnership hosted the 3rd “Roads Between Us” road safety conference, this time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, over 2 interactive days on 4 and 5 October 2016.

These events are proving to be outstanding opportunities to share good practice in effective work-related road risk management and agree on next steps for implementation within emerging markets. Through these events and the following interactions, organizations with fleet risk exposure are not only building their capacity to design effective road safety strategies, but they are joining peer networks which continue to share and collaborate into the future.

The ‘Roads Between Us’ events seek share successes and address challenges in key topic areas including:

  • Suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors and customers
  • Community engagement
  • Infrastructure development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Benchmarking and best practice
  • Emergency response
  • Road Safety as part of the ‘United Nations Sustainability Development Goals
  • The growing challenge of powered two-wheelers


Quarterly conference calls

The ‘Roads Between Us’ calls are scheduled quarterly and are hosted by GRSP. The calls serve to keep like-minded parties connected, share good practice and build networks across industries and across sectors. The calls are joined by representatives from private sector, government, road safety NGOs, research institutions and other organizations or individuals with a passion for road safety.

Each call has a primary theme which has been selected from suggestions given by the particpants to the calls. A few select experts are invited to present good practice, innovation and case studies around the theme. There is then time for questions, comments and suggestions from the participants.

2016 call agenda


How to get involved

To become part of the ‘Roads Between Us’ network, sign up to join the quarterly ‘Roads Between Us’ calls, keep an eye on GRSP communicatons channels, or engage with one of the organisers – we’d welcome you on board!

Upcoming events

Road Safety Event 2020

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