Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge

Safer Roads for Safer Childhood

Jorhat, India


  1. Home and Political Department, Government of Assam
  2. Jorhat Police Department
  3. Jorhat District Transport Department
  4. Public Works Department-Jorhat Division
  5. Municipality Board
  6. District Education Department
  7. Balya Bhawan High School
  8. Lakshmi Union High School
  9. Jorhat High School
  10. National Telegraph Girls High School
  11. Civiq Infratech- a private firm of designers
  12. Jorhat School Bus Association
  13. Institute of Technology Guwahati’
0 (2011)
Number of schools
Number of students


Jorhat, a city in Assam, has narrow arterial, sub-arterial and collector roads, where traffic congestion is a regular phenomenon. It has more than 50 schools, with most being present at roadside. The city faces a multitude of issues such as-

Lack of pedestrian facilities and safe crossings

Lack of road safety infrastructure

Lack of traffic control and management

Lack of designated school zones


To develop and implement school road safety plans and policy

Improve road safety infrastructure and pedestrian facilities

Increase youth participation on road safety


Development and implementation of school road safety plans to improve road user behaviour

Conduct a situational assessment of child road safety in Jorhat 

Improve high-risk junctions through infrastructure improvements 

Engage the youth through design competitions and a cycle rally 


25th May 2019

First kind of Road Safety Education Training of teachers of 6 project school in the city was conducted under SRSC. 12 teachers from 6 schools were trained on road safety through road safety training module developed.  

9th August 2021

Completion of Mithapukhuri junction works – Installation of railings, markings, signages, speed humps.

20th April 2022

Schools started practicing to use the road safety movable items in their school entrances as a safety precaution and Road safety Friends taking responsibilities during drop off and pick up time.

17th March 2023

Invited by Nepal Road Safety Committee to present SRSC initiative as Nepal Government is planning to start a project on child road safety in Municipal Schools

27th March 2023

The award ceremony workshop for the winners  of the first ever road design competition was conducted on 27th March 2023 at Jorhat. Around 40 people participated in the workshop. Attendees from colleges, municipality, PWD, schools participated. The designs were displayed. Engineers and Officials appreciated the designs.

13th May 2023

The one-day State Level Workshop conducted at Kaziranga involving NGO’s, Academicians, Governments Officials to discuss and present SRSC initiatives and strategies to take it further. 35 people participated in the workshop.

21st July 2023

City level workshop in Lucknow was conducted in collaboration with CEE Lucknow where 40 participants enthusiastically participated. Teachers and students have sent their feedback in adopting Road Safety Fiends and Safe School Zone concept from SRSC

15th September 2023

Completion of 2nd Junction work

9th October 2023

Media Workshop conducted involving 15 media personnel’s where SRSC was posted in print media and electronic media

30th October 2023

The student’s workshop cum road safety training with 40 NCC cadets was conducted involving resource persons from road safety expert, PWD engineer and transport official on roads, safe infrastructure, speed management and safe system approach



Government officials partnered with and trained
Students engaged via training, education, and competitions
Teachers benefited from capacity building
Schools improved by road safety engineering
Parents trained and educated
Police officials collaborated with and trained
Drivers benefited from capacity building



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