Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge

Making My Tho City Safe for the Journey to School 

My Tho City, Vietnam


  1. National Traffic Safety Committee
  2. Tien Giang Provincial Traffic Safety Committee
  3. Tien Giang Department of Education and Training
  4. Tien Giang Department of Transportation
  5. Tien Giang Department of Construction
  6. Tien Giang TV & Newspaper
  7. Tien Giang Youth’s Union
  8. Mỹ Tho Youth’s Union
  9. My Tho People’s Committee
  10. Tien Giang Public Security Department
  11. My Tho Public Security Department
  12. People’s Police Academy
  13. Tien Giang Urban Planning Office
  14. Mỹ Tho Urban Planning Office
  15. JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration (ENEOS Vietnam)/ Hong Phat Investment Development Technic Technology and Trading JSC
  16. My Tho Advertising Ltd. Co.
  17. Tien Giang Automobile Transport JSC
0 (2012)
Number of schools
Number of students


The majority of the schools in My Tho City do not have reduced speed zones around schools, lack crosswalks in front of the school to help children cross the street safely, and have limited space in front of their school gates that are often very crowded during pick-up hours.

Poor road user behavior (driving on the wrong side of the street, not wearing helmets, using motorcycles on car lanes, over-speeding, etc.)

An increase in motorization and population

Over speeding among parents and drivers in school zones

Lack of proper implementation of road safety policies in school zones

Insufficient road safety infrastructure


To implement infrastructure improvements and show an improved Star Rating for Schools

To create a safer school environment through the implementation of a Safe School Zone Model in My Tho City

Strengthen road safety-related policies including law enforcement

Improve student and parent knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding road user behavior

To increase child-led advocacy


Improving the safety of school zones in four high-risk project school zones through infrastructure enhancements

Conduct enforcement campaigns around schools and in the community led by police.

Conduct media and outreach campaigns in schools and the community about infrastructure changes and helmet wearing

Provide road safety education to students

Encourage child-led advocacy


12 May 2020

Speed Reduction

Reducing speed in 2 schools to 40 kmph and 50 kmph

31 May 2022

Community Participation and Ownership in Road Safety Enforcement of Road Users

Partnering with local police and community into taskforces on enforcement – 96 hours of school road safety enforcement

30 Sep 2022


2 sets of TVC in-kind media coverage from Tien Giang Television, five newspapers 

26 Aug 2022

Sustainability in Government

Commitment from government and police partners to continue post-project

21 Sep 2021 – 30 Sep 2022 

Child-centered Participation Approach

Full participation of all stakeholders – local police, volunteers, students, teachers, & PTSC – in developing six (6) Road Safety Bulletins

25 Apr – 17 Jun 2022

Child-led Advocacy

Children were able to present to government stakeholders the road safety issues that directly impact them and provide solutions from a child’s point of view. Critically missed view in traditional advocacy.  

1 Nov 2020 – 30 May 2021 & 4 Jul – 22 Aug 2022 

Improvement of Infrastructure around School Gate

The safety and organization of pick up/drop off areas in four schools was improved through engineering modifications. 

Mar – Apr 2023

Extended sustainability at School

Built capacity of more than 5,000 teachers in 159 primary schools in Tien Giang province. The trained teachers continued road safety education for more than 135,000 students within Tien Giang province.

May 2023

Child-led Advocacy boost

Children took lead in designing and organizing school-level communication events, to raise voice for the Action Plan on Child Road Safety of the local government.

11 Jun 2023

Road safety day event

An event on the provincial level was organized to encourage various forms of presenting student’s ideas & proposals, coupled with information sharing sessions.



Government officials partnered with and trained
Students engaged via training, education, and competitions
Teachers benefited from capacity building
Schools improved by road safety engineering
Parents trained and educated
Police officials collaborated with and trained
Drivers benefited from capacity building



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