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Palestine Authority has experienced extremely low motorisation, with less than 200,000* registered vehicles in the region. Yet the number of road traffic crashes and resulting injuries has rapidly increased in recent years, with pedestrians representing the most vulnerable of road users and accounting for over 50%* of all road fatalities annually.

There are a number of road safety practices in place – of which motorcycle helmet laws apply to all riders (drivers and passengers), seat-belt laws extend to both front and rear seat occupants, and legislation on child restraints is in effect. However, strategies are varyingly enforced, with enforcement of most reported to be relatively poor.

Palestine Authority has not committed to a fatality reduction target.

(*WHO 2015)

GRSP activities


Capacity building:
Supporting Palestine Authority to increase capcity to improve road safety and enforce road traffic laws.

Road policing:
Supporting the Palestine Authority to enhance road traffic policing.


EU MENA Programme

As part of the overall EuroMed regional project on Road, Rail, and Urban Transport programme, the 2011-2014 EU funded project aimed to contribute to the reduction of road crash death and injury in targeted countries and pilot communities.

Road user groups


With around 186 300 children under 18 years die from road traffic crashes annually, it is unacceptable that some countries still do not have legislation regarding obligatory usage and set safety standards for child restraints.


With more than 270 000 pedestrians killed on roads each year, they account to almost a quarter of all road traffic casualties annually. Certain roads, especially in low and middle income countries, completely fail to separate road users from the rest of the road users, which put them in imminent danger.

Risk factors

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IFRC engagement

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National laws

Lead agency: Higher Traffic Council

Speed limit law

Motorcycle helmet law

Child restraint law

Drug-driving law

Drink-driving law

Seat-belt law

Mobile phones while driving law

Crash data

Annual road fatalities


Fatalities per 100K pop. per year




Estimated GDP loss

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