Like many central Asian countries, the level of motorisation is low– less than one vehicle per every 10 people in Kyrgyzstan. However, the scale of road traffic crashes and resulting injuries and death is disproportionately high, with the road safety situation requiring critical attention.

The overall trend in fatalities continues to rise. A series of road safety practices, such as national seat-belt, motorcycle helmet and child restraint laws are in effect in Kyrgyzstan, however all are poorly enforced. Having adopted national drink-driving legislation, road traffic deaths recorded to involve alcohol has dropped to 5%.

(*WHO 2015)

GRSP activities


Capacity building:
Scaling up the capacity of Governments, civil society organizations and the Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent in road safety fundamentals and advocacy for road safety through sub-regional and national workshops. 

Knowledge and practices:
Establishment of an online library for public awareness campaigns. 

First responders:
Development of a technical guide, and in-country trainings on first response in road crashes.

Road policing:
Training of trainers (ToT) road policing training for 15-20 mid-level road police on evidence-based and outcome-focused policing.


TRACECA Road Safety II

The TRACECA Road Safety II project brought together governments and civil society to actively promote the safety and security of road users, the public, property, and the environment within the Europe-Caucasus-Asia region’s transport corridor.

Safe to School – Safe to Home

Safe to School – Safe to Home incorporates assessment of road safety conditions, the installation of appropriate and low-cost local traffic engineering improvements, extensive road safety education for children, parents and the community, together with enhanced enforcement of helmet wearing, parking restrictions and speeding.

Road user groups


With around 186 300 children under 18 years die from road traffic crashes annually, it is unacceptable that some countries still do not have legislation regarding obligatory usage and set safety standards for child restraints.

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National laws

Lead agency: Road Safety Secretariat Commission

Speed limit law

Motorcycle helmet law

Child restraint law

Drug-driving law

Drink-driving law

Seat-belt law

Mobile phones while driving law

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