Road traffic fatalities are the most common cause of death in Cambodia with almost 2,000* people killed on Cambodian roads every year. Of the reported fatalities, 79%* are male.

In response, Cambodia has made an aggressive commitment to reduce the number of deaths by 50%* until 2020 – in support of the UN Decade of Action. To date, Government, civil society and key stakeholders from the corporate sector have launched and implemented a wide range of initiatives, including enhanced strategic policing, improved legislation and grassroots education.

(*WHO 2015)

GRSP activities


Supporting advocacy for the implementation of the 2015 Road Traffic Law at the national and sub-national levels.

Seven grants have been awarded to civil society organizations to advocate for the passage and implementation of evidence-based road safety policies.


Road Safety Grants Programme

The grants programme supports projects to develop and deliver high-impact, evidence-based interventions designed to strengthen road safety policies and their implementation.

Road user groups


With around 186 300 children under 18 years die from road traffic crashes annually, it is unacceptable that some countries still do not have legislation regarding obligatory usage and set safety standards for child restraints.


Passengers are as much road users as the drivers of the vehicle that they are in. The responsibility rests on their actions as well as participation in the driver`s irresponsible use of the road. Passengers need to accept that they have a choice when it comes to whether they will be a part of a potential road traffic crash or not.

Powered 2 and 3 wheelers

Motorcyclists are just 1% of total road traffic, but account for 19% of all road user deaths. This is a clear sign that there is a huge problem and that correct interventions would greatly reduce the road traffic fatalities. GRSP is heavily involved in advocating better helmet wearing legislations and is helping enforcement agencies be more effective with this road use group.

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Lead agency: National Road Safety Committee

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Motorcycle helmet law

Child restraint law

Drug-driving law

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Seat-belt law

Mobile phone while driving law

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