Botnar Child Road Safety Challenge

Increasing Priority-setting for Children Car Passenger Safety: A Multi-sectorial Approach 

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


  1. Babes-Bolyai University
  2. Cluj-Napoca City Hall
  3. Cluj County Traffic Police Department
0 (2022)


Romania has had 85 deaths in 2020 for each million inhabitants or a total of 1646 fatalities throughout, making people vulnerable to road-related mortality and morbidity.

In Cluj-Napoca, information from the local Road Traffic Police department shows that 38.1% of the children involved in car crashes in 2020 were not restrained.

According to an observational study conducted in 2013-2014, data collected locally suggests that parents’ awareness of the importance of the use of child restraints, coupled with enforcement efforts decreases as children grow.


Strengthen and increase enforcement of seat belts and child restraint requirements in Cluj-Napoca

Increase public awareness about the risk of non-compliance with the requirements for child restraints and seat-belt use


This project represents the first initiative based on a multisectoral approach aiming to improve the safety of children as passengers of motor vehicles in Cluj-Napoca.

Strengthening child restraint system (CRS) and seat-belt use compliance rates and enforcement practices

Raising awareness on the importance of CRS and seat-belt use

Creation of the first Multi-Sectoral Working Group on Child Road Traffic Safety at local administration level, under the leadership of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall. The Working Group seeks to engage key stakeholders with responsibilities in road safety development and implementation, along with local academic partners for evidence and knowledge exchange, as well as implementation monitoring.


September, 2018 

The first multi-sectorial meeting dedicated to increasing CCS hosted by the Cluj Napoca City Hall 

February, 2019

Training on CSS with international expert for multi-sectorial partners (traffic police officers, local police officers, child safety activists, journalists) 

March, 2019

TV spot campaign featuring emergency service and other KOLs launched and endorsed by the National Council for TV& Radio Content Management 

September, 2019

Press conference hosted by the Cluj Napoca City Hall to launch the project formally 

July – October, 2020

7 traffic filter campaigns checked over 150 cars transporting children and issued 29 warnings and fines 

April, 2022

Child Car Safety training attended by 50 traffic officers organized in partnership with Cluj Traffic Police Department 

April, 2022

The Mayor of Cluj Napoca took part at the project event in Vivo Mall Cluj, climbed into the impact simulator and afterwards issued a statement for the press about the importance of child car safety 

June, 2022 

Launch of CSS Application was featured in the most popular morning show in Romania

April, 2023 

The project and the app was presented during the most visited products & services fair for parents in Romania 

May, 2023

The pilot project for the Car Seat Check Point Network was launched in partnership with the support of the private gas company MOL Romania 

June, 2023

The CSR app reached over 2700 active users 



Government officials partnered with and trained
Students engaged via training, education, and competitions
Teachers benefited from capacity building
Schools improved by road safety engineering
Parents trained and educated
Police officials collaborated with and trained
Drivers benefited from capacity building



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