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The European Commission is the European Union’s executive body, representing the interests of the European Union as a whole. Based in Brussels, Belgium, the Commission’s main roles are to propose legislation; enforce European law; set objectives and priorities for action and work towards delivering them; manage and implement EU policies, and the budget; and represent the Union outside Europe.

The Commission supports wide-ranging action on road safety. The Commission promotes mobility that is efficient, safe, secure and environmentally friendly, and supports road safety initiatives which reduce injury and fatality, and enhance industry growth and jobs.

The Commission also supports the European Union’s Road Safety Guidelines, which aim to cut European road deaths by 50% by 2020.

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The European Commission and road safety


Despite success through previous EU programmes, European roads are still far from safe – in 2009, 35’000 people died in traffic accidents and over 1.7 million were injured. The new EU road safety guidelines  aim to cut European road deaths by 50% by 2020. To do so, they seek to make users, vehicles and infrastructure safer through a mix of measures – national cooperation, sharing best practice, research and studies, awareness campaigns and in some cases possibly regulation.

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