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AXA‘s mission is to help customers live their lives with more peace of mind by protecting them, their relatives and their property against risks, and by managing their savings and assets.

AXA teams across the world embrace five values: Professionalism, Innovation, Pragmatism, Integrity and Team Spirit. In addition, three core attitudes (available, attentive and reliable) guide all AXA employees to better serve clients and establish long-term relationships based on trust.

AXA is well grounded in road safety and is partner to a number of initiatives such as the Kerala Road Safety Hackathon, in Kerala, India alongside the World Bank, IFC, the Kerala Road Safety Authority and Department of Information.

AXA also sat on the Insurance Industry Road Safety Panel at the 2nd High Level Conference on Road Safety in Brasilia, November 2015 which issued a statement recognizing the role the insurance industry plays in road safety and the work it already undertakes in prevention and education initiatives through to emergency support and long‐term care solutions.

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Clara Rodrigo

GRSP Executive Committee


AXA and road safety

DRIVING TOWARDS SAFER ROADS – The contribution of the insurance industry to improving road safety


Promoting Road Safety is crucial for AXA, as it plays a role across the whole value chain: from prevention and education to better protecting clients from road risks through research, in order to meet clients’ needs and their evolutions. At AXA, we address the road safety challenge as a whole, from prevention to emergency support and long-term care solutions.

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