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Formed in 1960, the ARRB Group (Australian Road Research Board) provides research, consulting and information services to the road and transport industry and is the leading provider of road research and best practice workshops in Australia.

ARRB applies research outputs to develop equipment that collects road and traffic information, and software that assists with decision-making across road networks. ARRB’s member organisations include federal, state and local government bodies responsible for managing the nation’s transport and road networks and the New Zealand Transport Agency.

ARRB has developed a suite of tools to assist road managers (including road safety practitioners) to identify hazards and deficiencies in the road environment, proactively assess hazards and treatments, and set appropriate speed limits.

Through independent road safety research and consulting projects, ARRB develops innovative solutions to address road safety issues throughout Australasia and the wider international community. Road safety engineering research focuses on ways to improve the road environment in order to reduce road safety risk, as part of the Safe System approach.

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Civil society


Peter Damen

GRSP Executive Committee


ARRB and road safety


ARRB is guided by a set of values that support the needs of members and customers. We collaborate with our members to bring out the best in each other; we understand what matters most to members and customers; and we respect people for who they are and for their knowledge, skills and experience. We also understand the challenges facing members and provide relevant insights and advice; we foster innovation and undertake world-class research that benefits all road users; and we strive to uphold the highest professional standards while providing sound advice from a position of independence.

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